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Seal Impression Inker

notary seal impression inker
Price: $22.00
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Use this embossed impression inker to darken the embossed area. In order to make the raised impression to be photographically reproducible, you must use this product. Using a seal impression inked will make the embossing seal impression suitable to faxing or photocopying. This product is very useful for notaries if they have to notarize any document with an embosser and make a copy or fax. In fact, many states require notary seals to be highlighted in ink in order for the document to properly be notarized so add this impression inker to your notary supplies. To darken properly, press in the inker down lightly onto the raised impression and your will have an inked impression.
  • Seal Impression Inker
  • Comes in five different colors
  • Built in handle making it easy to use
  • Great product for notaries
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