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Notary Public Surety Bond

how to get a surety bond for notary
how to get a surety bond for notarynotary public surety bond
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Notary Bonds are also referred to as Surety Bonds. There are several states that require notaries to have a Notary Surety Bond. If you see your state in the drop down box below, then you are required to have a Notary Bond.
Notary Bonds are a contract between three parties. You as the notary are the Principal, the Obligee (the person who you are notarizing for) and the Surety (the insurance company who ensures that you, the notary or Principal obligations will be performed).
In addition, we offer E&O Insurance included with your notary bond. E&O Insurance will be your protection in case you, the notary, makes a mistake on a notarization. Therefore, if there comes to be a claim on you, the E&O Insurance will have you covered.

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