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Notary stamps, notary seals and our notary kits and notary supplies are the items you will need to perform your notary acts. We carry all of the basic notary supplies. NOTARY STAMPS can come in a rectangular or circular shape. We give you the option of choosing different ink colors and case colors for your notary stamp. NOTARY SEALS are also referred to as notary seal embossers and these embossers mark a raised impression of the letters on a document. In addition to the notary sea embosser, you may need a seal impression inker to darken the raised letters. Some forms may require the use of a notary seal embosser so it is a good idea to have one among your notary supplies. NOTARY SUPPLIES in addition to the notary stamp and notary seal embosser, you may be required to maintain a notary journal. In addition to this, we offer notarial certificates and a notary carrying case. NOTARY KITS that we offer usually come with a notary stamp, notary seal embosser, notary journal and notary carrying case. Choose from our large selection of notary supplies.

Presto Direct ensures that every notary stamp we make is 100% in compliant with the state laws and guidelines. 

How to Order a Notary Stamp?

What do I need to do to order my Notary Stamp?

Each state has its own set of requirements pertaining to the information to be on the notary stamp, size of the notary stamp and even ink color. Under each state, at the top of the page you will see a short description on what that state requires to be on the notary stamp and or notary seal along with any other items that may be required to have. Before ordering, it is best to follow the guidelines below:

  • It is best to make sure that you have received your notary commission certificate and have taken the oath of office that is required by your state's notary laws.
  • Find out from your secretary of state what all information is required on your notary stamp or notary seal. You can find this information at the top of the page under each state listed above.
  • When you place your order, be sure to check to make sure your name matches the name that is on your notary certificate along with the expiration date and any other required information.
  • After you receive your order for notary supplies, double check to make sure that all of the information on your notary stamp or notary seal matches your certificate. Please contact us if you find any discrepancies. 

How much do notary stamps and a notary seal cost?

Notary stamps are relatively inexpensive if you want just your simple notary stamp with the basic information. Out notary stamps start at $15.00 and go up from there. We do offer a lot of notary supply kits in different colors and styles that are very popular and come with everything you will need to notarize your documents. 

Do I need to buy a notary stamp or notary seal?

For the most part, pretty much all states require notaries to make an impression of their notary stamp close to the signature on all documents they notarize. A notary stamp is a very important item that a notary can have when performing his or her duties. We have a large selection of notary supplies for each state that conforms with the states guidelines.

What color ink should I order with my notary stamp? 

There are only a few states that have special requirements when it comes to using a specific ink color. Unless otherwise noted upon our site, the most popular color that we sale is Black Ink followed up with Blue Ink. Unless your state has restrictions, we can also make your notary stamp in Red Ink, Green Ink or Purple Ink.