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Notary Supplies Kit in Blue

Item Number: NSOBL
Price: $96.95
Sale Price: $92.10
You Save: $4.85
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Ink color for your stamp or ink pad*
What type of imprint do you want for your stamp?*
Your name, spelled exactly as it is on your certificate*
State in which you are licensed*
Your NEW Commission Expiration Date*
Do you want your expiration date on your seal?*
On which side of the page do you want your embossing seal to print upright?*
Would you like to add a seal case?
Would you like to add a seal impression inker? (this darkens the embossed area so that it will show up on a fax or when scanning a document)
Would you like to add a Notary Record Book?
Would you like to add a Replacement Pad? (For Self-Inking Stamps only)
Would you like Foil Seals for your embosser?
Would you like to add any Document Stamps? (Jurat, Acknowledgment, True Copy, Original Document)
Buy an extra stamp to have one for the Home and one for the Office and save 20%!
Comments or special instructions
What model notary stamp case would you like?*
If your state requires an ID Number, add it here: (States that have ID #'s - VA, NJ, KY, NY, OK)
If your state requires your County, add it here: (States that require County - MD, MI , GA, NC, NY)
Self-Inking Round Stamp (comes without exp. date but you can add the date below)
Blue Notary Bag Option


The Basics of this kit include the Notary Embossing Seal and Notary Stamp. You do have the option of choosing other items to go along with this kit. Please be aware that the picture above does show all of the items that you can get to go along with your kit but these items are not included and you have the option of adding them.

Our Shiny embossers have a new design reduces the amount of pressure needed to make a clear, sharp impression.

Embossing seals make a raised impression on paper. They do not contain ink. Embossed imprints may be darkened with a seal impression inker.    
It is a good practice that the notary seal be imprinted just below the notarial statement. Care should be taken to not obscure the signatures or other parts of the document.   

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