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Kentucky Notary Supplies

Notary Public commissions are valid for a 4 year term in the state of Kentucky. Order your Kentucky notary supplies and notary kits from our large selection of notary stamps and seals. The state of Kentucky does not require any equipment, but it is highly recommended because the stamp or seal will imprint the required information necessary to have on the notarized document. You may use a seal or stamp that can be made with an Embosser, Pre-Inked or Self-Inking stamp. In addition, it is recommended to have a Seal Impression Inker when using an Embosser so that the document will be photographically reproducible. In addition, having a notary journal is considered best practice as a form of proof that you performed the notarization correctly. All notary supplies and packages ship within 2-3 business days!

Kentucky Notary Stamps and Seals include the following text: Name, Notary Public, State at Large, Kentucky, ID Number and Commission Expiration Date.

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