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Traditional Wood Handle Signature Stamp

signature stamp for checks
Item Number: NSG6
Price: $18.00

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Upload your signature (please sign 3 signatures on a blank piece of paper and upload)*
Attach your signature in .jpg file or PDF file and save $10.00



Use a pen that has black ink and does not skip. The signature you send us is the same one you will get back as a stamp. We do reduce it to fit the next best size. Notaries must use an original signature when signing official acts, not a signature stamp.

Signature stamps are for correspondence, checks and other administrative tasks. If you cannot upload a signature file, then you can email us and we will get this scanned in for you. First, Sign 3 times on a blank piece of white paper that has no lines on it and email this to us at

The stamp dimensions for this stamp is 13/16” x 2-1/2”

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