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Trodat Printy-Dater 4820

trodat dater
trodat datertrodat printy dater
Item Number: TRO-4820
Price: $19.75


The Trodat Printy-Dater 4820 has a height of 5/32” x 1” and has the format day month year. This stamp can be used at home or in the office to get your papers organized.

The 4820 comes with the standard black ink pad and will last thousands of clear and sharp impressions. Ideal for dating your documents. Below are some of the key points regarding this stamp
  • Date Stamp with only date (no text)
  • 5/32” characters
  • Date format is Month ##, Year ####
  • 12 Years on included on this date band
  • Sleek plastic body gives a clean and consistent stamp impression
  • Good for several thousand stamp impressions before needing a new ink pad
  • Manufactured with a minimal carbon footprint, CO2 neutral stamp